Passport Photos – Tauranga & Mt. Maunganui

Artastic has all the equipment required to create your passport photos quickly and conveniently.

With most countries now using biometric face recognition technology for passports, there are now stringent requirements for passport photos.

When you come in, please ensure your hair is tied back and off the face, no unnatural makeup or coloured contact lenses, and glasses are off.

We use specialist passport production software to ensure you have a good looking, acceptable photo of you in your new passport!
For any digital photos, we put them through the online photo checker on the NZ passport website, to ensure they meet the digital requirements.

Quick and convenient, our process is suitable for 190 countries. All our photos are guaranteed, so in the rare case your photo is denied, we will take another!


NZ Printed: $25.00
NZ Online: $25.00
International: $30.00

Our biometric passport photos are suitable for use in Electronic passports, commonly used at E-Gates at Airports.

  • The standards for these Passports are set by the ICAO (see below), and Photographs submitted for e-passports need to fit the ICAO criteria.
  • The Artastic passport photo system is built using these standards and tests each photograph against them so you can feel confident that your passport photograph will be accepted.
  • A good photo of the passport holder is an essential part of a Travel Document.
  • Providing acceptable passport photos will also help avoid delays in the processing of your passport.

The United Nations has a specialized agency “The International Civil Aviation Organization” or ICAO.

They have set a deadline of 24 November 2015 for countries to have “Machine Readable” Passports for border controls and inspection formalities.